What Is Inventory Recovery?

And why it matters.

Timeshare Inventory Recovery

Developers and resorts continue to struggle to find a way for their owners to safely relinquish ownership of their timeshares back to their resort or management entity. With the on-going efforts of timeshare exit companies approaching owners looking to sell, resorts need a reputable way for owners who have been loyal to their resorts to transition out of their ownership at the appropriate time.

Lakeside Closing Service offers a specialized inventory recovery program – allowing owners of timeshares to safely hand ownership of their timeshares or points products back to their resort or management entity.

Our program protects the owners as well as the resort/developer brand by positioning us as a go-between operator. Resorts, especially those in active sales, are distanced from the resale discussion that inevitably involves discounted price values, while providing a financial incentive that creates a happy, rather than a disgruntled, owner leaving their ownership.

To be clear, owners must qualify for the program by meeting terms and conditions set forth by resort management. Not every owner may qualify, but the advantage of our program is that our licensed agents are the ones explaining the situation to them. It is not the resort’s customer service team bearing the public brunt, and potential fallout, of the discussion.

Program Summary

Our program is ideally suited for resorts and developers who are in active sales, as this is a very cost-effective way for resorts to recover inventory at a low cost that can be repurposed to sales teams. The program also removes inventory from the resale market and allows resort management to recovery quality inventory that they may have difficulty obtaining otherwise.

The program is outlined as follows: 

Licensed agents from Lakeside Closing Service shall identify owners who have previously contacted us through our online marketing work and qualify owners for the recovery program.